Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everybody has those days.
Those ones when you fall out of bed- you're running late again, trip over your bin and kick your foot out to save you, and you're on the floor asking yourself why you got up this morning. Those ones when you're running down the drive just to catch the bus with your shoes in one hand and your tie in the other, hair still wet. Then you get to school and you're already late, and the first thing you do is enter into an argument with the annoying guy in your class that questions everything. Those days when you're running from class to class and in the 'break' time you're trying to organise your life but not one person feels like cooperating today. That day when you're madly trying to finish an assesment in one hour and your teacher is yelling and you're almost in tears because you swear your head is about to explode. The ones where you get home and you eat waaaay too much, and then wonder why half an hour later because you feel very sick. And everything reminds you of the people that you miss and you feel so far apart and you wonder if the very reason you miss them is because spending time together would mean being honest and thats something you're too afraid to do, and you just feel like you're a million miles away from everyone else on your own crazy little planet. One of those days when not even westlife makes you feel better. So you cradle your head in your hands and you cry because thats one thing you can do.

Then in that very same moment you realise that not every day is one of those days.

And the tears stop because in all your self pity you realise what you do have.

If you have nothing else, you have tommorow. And if you have tommorow, it will be okay.

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