Friday, April 9, 2010

And at the end of the day, there's a deeper peace than I've ever known before.

Though it's terrifying to see someone you love gradually slipping away, there's comfort in knowing that they aren't afraid, that they aren't facing the unknown, that they know we're they're headed. It's a quiet presence in the room where you lie, its the squeeze of your hand and the hope in your eyes, its the love that you voice, the happiness that you share when faced with the end of the only road you've ever known. He looks at you as though he'd take on the world to give you one more day, the kind of love that only comes from a lifetime of friendship and deep understanding, the kind of love that will never be replicated or replaced. Your life has been beautiful, I'm praying that mine will be as full of faith and love as yours has been for all your 82 years. It's okay to stop fighting now, please just tell Jesus I say hi.

"Be carried on the wings of grace, where you'll meet Jesus face to face,
Heavens arms are open wide, go with angels by your side"