Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today. We wandered aimlessly then decided to take the bus to our favourite store in the whole world. And then we made friends at the bus stop, who we'll probably never see again but know the details of their lives, like how the little girl has shoes with velcro that cross over. When on the bus, we discussed how plastic the seats are and how stupid males in general are. Then we got to our favourite store in the whole world, I fell a little in love with a necklace and then you recited to me the details of my bank account, it was brilliant. I bought it. We walked to the bus and then you grew frustrated with the bus, so angry in fact that you tried to call the helpline but there was no one there to help you. Then you left. It was sad but I was okay. Then I made friends with a nice old man who insisted that I walked on the bus before him and called me mam, it was darling.
I had a lovely day with you today Kelsey Jay. You are a blessing.
Love you Ladel Bagy

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